The BrisketRib Telegram group is a paid group where we provide you with assistance as well as exclusive market intelligence. We believe that the intelinsights, realtime feedback, and assistance offered within the channel are all well worth the entry-level membership cost of $5/month. All questions are welcome, and we'll get you up to speed quickly.

Instructions for Joining

Just message @brisketribog_bot on Telegram and type:


The bot will guide you through the process:

1. Type /join

2. Click "Subscribe now"

3. Select plan

Any plan will work. Extra support will be noted and appreciated.

4. Confirm

5. Click Stripe

6. Click "Pay $5.00"

7. Complete Stripe Checkout

8. Succesfully Activated!

Just in case...

If you are not automatically added to the @BrisketRibOG group, you may need to send /join one more time: